Pay heed, GAFketeers, it came to my attention that a number of the links on the OLD archives weren't quite in proper working order.  In addition to that, the old archival site - NBCI.Com - is no longer allowing its members to upload new information to their sites (interject internet shorthand for shock and amazement here). So I'm currently in the process of updating all the pages, and moving them to a new free host, so your voracious consumption of the high-class humor and rampant dog-cussing humor doesn't drive me to bankruptcy.

So far, the articles for Hansi, The Girl Who Loved The Swastika/Champions, Fast Willie Jackson/Planet Terry and Killdozer/Godzilla are online. I'll be adding another article every few days, and announcing it here. The famous Krypto article, I'll get to that as soon as possible.

Clicking these links will open a new window, at a crappy freehost, at that. Sorry.

I Never Loved Eva Braun
Our first article, featuring Spire Comics' paean to chipper nazism HANSI:The Girl Who Loved the Swastika, along with Marvel's fondly-remembered CHAMPIONS.
Back In Black Pride...
Can you dig it? I know that FAST WILLIE JACKSON can! Plus, a brief look at Star Comics' PLANET TERRY.

Dozing Off...

Prezidential Scandal
It's the All-PREZ, FIRST TEEN PRESIDENT spectacular! Now you, too, can have the right time

Poorly Protected
Gone&Forgotten's very own dawg, BEE-BOY makes his debut as our first host, introducing the classically indefensible PROTECTORS

The Decline Of America ...
By gum, it's Craptain ... I mean ... CAPTAIN AMERICA, touched by the dung-reeking mitt of comicdom's Emporer of Awful, Rob Liefeld.

On The Shoulders Of Giants ...
It's KILLJOY, hosting PART ONE of G&F's epic series on ATLAS COMICS, starting with JOHN TARGITT, THE TARANTULA and THE DESTRUCTOR!
Haii-YA! Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting ...IN THE FUTURE! It's the KARATE KID! Starring Pat Morita as Major Disaster. Also, some startling mail from a G&F alum, and your hostess Jena.
Brother, Thy Name Is Larry
Duck the flying super-feces, it's BEPPO THE SUPER MONKEY taking us on PART TWO of our tour of ATLAS COMICS ... this time featuring PHOENIX, DEMON-HUNTER and THE SCORPION (both of 'em)
Wahzoo, You Goldbricks!
It's THE AMAZING WAHZOO, plus another edition of Bee Boy's Mailbag, all hosted by the New Guardians' Gloss.
Atlas Shrugged
ATLAS COMICS PART THREE, featuring an all-Werewolf (more or less) edition compiling THE COUGAR, TALES OF EVIL, VICKI and DEVILINA, and your unintelligible hosts.
Keep On Suckin'
Bat-Mite presents US1, the book which says "So long, trucking fans! Hope you enjoyed the ride!" Plus, Bee Boy's Mailbag
A Spectrum of Crap
A guest article from Professor Emeritus of Crappy Comics, Josh Weiss, looking at Spectrum Comics' GUARDIAN and CODENAME:STRIKEFORCE
Women Are Dumb.
Part Four of ATLAS! Will it never end? Not if IRONJAW, BRUTE and GRIM GHOST have anything to say about it. Plus,a freaky Bee-Host and Mr.Terrific's own feature.
Dog-Day Afternoon
The CLASSIC first-ever ALL-HOST G&F featuring KRYPTO...
No One's Pride Is Left Intact ...
It's Marvel's nadir of failed crossovers, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine! Plus, we clean out the dead letter office and catch up on some mail from the last few months, courtesy of Bee Boy.
C'mon In, The Gene Pool's Fine ...
From the treasure troves of the First Issue Special collection comes ... the Outsiders! And yes, the world is just not ready for them. Also, a really disturbing host plus a Fast Willie Jackson gallery!
At-Last, It's Over!
Finally, it's the end of Atlas, featuring Wulf the Barbarian, Planet of the Vampires, Morlock 2001 and more! All hosted by some damn bodiless French thing ...
Ding Dongs
From First Issue Special it's Jack Kirby's Dingbats of Danger Street! Plus, a host whose face isn't the only red part of his body, and more Bee Boy's Mailbag.
It's All About The Benjamins.
It's Richie Rich meets the Newsboy Legion meets ... I dunno, NAMBLA. Enjoy the Green Team!
Let's Split!
What? Why, we ALL love Captain Marvel and Plastic Man, don't we? Sure we do. And we couldn't possibly find any fault with them, could we? Why, sure we could, assuming they were the crappy mid-60's knock-off characters from some damn third-string company. SPLIT!
Pretty Fly For A White Guy
He's the wildest super-hero of them all, because he's REAL! By which we mean "he's made up." Mysteries abound in this routinely forgotten Marvel effort from the Seventies.
Embarassing Secret
Here's a secret they should've KEPT secret, the sequel to Marvel's wildly popular early-80's miniseries/ crossover event Secret Wars ... the aptly titled Secret Wars 2! Also, a pair of hosts whose antics I can only describe as being my fault, and also I should lay off the NyQuil when I write these things.